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Advances & Alternative Thinking in Neuroscience

The Hellenic Open-Access Bulletin for the Advancement of Neuroscience
ISSN (print): 1791-9487
ISSN (online): 1791-9495
Published by the:
Hippocampus Hellenic Biomedical Publications
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Editorial Board

Zois Mellios (Athens, Greece)

Founding Editor:
Apostolos Zarros (Athens, Greece)

Associate Editors:
Elena Gkrouzman (Athens, Greece)
Eleni Katsouni (Athens, Greece)
Antonios Liolios (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Nikolina Skandali (Athens, Greece)

Editorial Assistants:
Magdalini Tsintou (Larissa, Greece)
Foteini Valtadorou (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Special Editor:
Charalampos Dokos (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Members of the Editorial Board:
Marianna Almpani (Athens, Greece)
Foteini Anifantaki (Athens, Greece)
Ioanna Athanasopoulou (Athens, Greece)
John Botis (Athens, Greece)
Nikolaos Charitonides (Athens, Greece)
Nikolaos Dagonakis (Athens, Greece)
Ioannis Kostakis (Athens, Greece)
Dimitrios Mathios (Athens, Greece)
Ioanna Tatouli (Athens, Greece)

Please contact the Editorial Board by e-mail: edboard@aatn.gr.